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Please be patient. This page is still being developed, and will soon include photos of the parts that come with the Riley, as well as, a partial list.  There are too many parts to photograph.   Thanks


Windscreen  chrome trim

Side window chrome.jpg

Side window chrome

LH Wood trim.jpg

Left hand interior wood trim


Landau irons for the soft top

RH wood trim.jpg

Right hand interior wood trim

Rear Window.jpg

Rear window

Armrest chrome.jpg

Armrest to rear seat hinges 

Parts -    Partial list of parts that come with the Riley 

Chrome windscreen (windshield) frame (see photo)

New outer windscreen rubber seal- ordered & arriving soon from Riley RM Club Spares

New windscreen inner sponge rubber seal- ordered & arriving soon from Riley RM Club Spares

Chrome front quarter window surround & front channel  (see photo)

Landau irons  ( 4 pieces - see photo )

Landau iron bolts -  1 large & 3 smaller.   (missing: 1 large & 1 small )

Chrome crank hole cover (1)

Chrome door latch plates (2)

Newly rechromed  armrest hinges (20) 

New master cylinder rebuild kit

New steering rack bellows and fasteners

All top bows wood

New tan Haartz canvas soft top

New tan Haartz canvas soft top cover (boot)   (see photo)

Soft Top pin beading  ( 5 pieces )

Rear Window frame - inside painted light brown & chrome outside (see photo)

Rear window plexiglass - good as template (see photo )

Interior wood trim ( 8 pieces   -  see photo)

Ashtrays, with trim on door trim  (2 -  see photo)   4 missing for rear trim

Driving lights painted body color with chrome rims  (2  -  see photo)

Headlight rims - chrome  (2)

New hubcaps  (4)

All original glass -  can be used as they are.

All gauges including  tachometer currently not in dash

Long aluminum sheet metal pieces that cover the header bow wood  (2)

Front valance -  the inside of which still has the original deep red color.

All door structural wood - removed to remove windows for painting.

Original trunk panels for interior sides

Window felt trim - metal

Trafficators - one disassembled

Trunk handle & Riley logo escutcheon

Escutcheons (4)

Window handles (3 - one missing)

Soft top latches

Windscreen wipers

3 window regulators - one rear missing

Escutcheons for interior handles


Old brake hoses - new ones installed on the car.

Mystery brown sheet metal pieces

Mystery flat aluminum strips

Mystery long black canvas wrapped wood strips, presumably for soft top ?

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